Pick up address/production kitchen

Shop 1/150 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst NSW

ph: 02 8356 9999


We can deliver every day during business hours.
Yes, we work on Sundays because we are committed to freshness.
Deliveries are charged at the following rates inclusive of GST
(10% surcharge for Sundays and 30% for Public Holidays):

Sydney local
Within 5km radius of city $10-$15

Sydney inner metro
From 5km to 10km radius of city $15 – $25

Sydney outer metro
From 10km to 15km radius of city $25 – $40
From 15 km to 20 km radius of city $40 – $60

Need to know how many kilometres you are from the city of Sydney? Simple go to whereis search your own address, and then follow the link to Get Directions. Your address will appear in the ‘To:’ section. In the ‘From:’ section, simple enter this address- 44 Market St, Sydney NSW or any other CBD address. Then click on get directions. The next screen will give you the total travel distance from the CBD to your address.